PTFE Glass Fibre Tapes are well known anti-stick covers used in the packaging industry. These tapes are available in different variations.
arobatec delivers high quality materials according your requirements, many types are available from stock.

PTFE Glass Fibre Tapes are availabe on a roll or as customized pre-cuts.
The following list is a extract of the possible product portfolio. Please send us a inquiry according your needs.



PTFE Glass Fibre Tape as anti-stick cover 


PTFE Glass Fibre Tape
(without self adhesive strip)

  • For self configured covers
    and winders



 PTFE Glass Fibre Tape



PTFE Glass Fibre Tapes
(with self adhesive strip)

  • For plane covering





  • For covering vertical and horizontal
    sealing bars in packaging machines
  • Glue free zone in the middle
  • With lateral silicone or
    acrylic glue strip





Fason-Tape / Zone-Tape

  • With double-sided adhesive
    strips on both sides
  • Glue free zone in the middle







  • Low-Cost
  • With lateral adhesive strips
    (filament or crepe)


Contoured PTFE-covers/Customized versions 



Customized versions on request

  • PTFE glas Fibre Tapes as tubes
  • Customized contoured shapes
  • Extra smooth coatings




... and much more



Technical Data




  80µm (Nominal thickness: app. 0.070mm)
130µm (Nominal thickness: app. 0.115mm)
150µm (Nominal thickness: app. 0.128mm)
250µm (Nominal thickness: app. 0.215mm)

Temperature resistance 
up to +250°C


Brown   (Standard)
Black    (anti-static version)

(for versions with/without
 self-adhesive strip)

5 - 1500mm
(depending on the version
 of the PTFE Glass Fibre Tape)

Glue thickness
(for version with self adhesive
 strips only)

40 - 65µm
(depending on the thickness of
 the PTFE Glass Fibre Tape)

Types of glue
Silicone glue (Standard)
Acrylic glue   (on request)

Qualities of the PTFE coating


Thickness of the PTFE coating
(standard quality)

55 - 64% of the overall weight
(depending on the thickness of
 the PTFE Glass Fibre Tape)

(standard quality)

135 - 455gr/m²
(depending on the thickness of
 the PTFE Glass Fibre Tape)



Technical data subject to change