Hault-Off Belts with Linatex coatingIn packaging machines (especially VFFS and horizontal packaging machines) are used haul-off belts for further transport (or feed) of the film. The decisive factor is temperature/chemical resistance and power transmission, taking into account a high abrasion resistance and a long service life.




Hault-Off Belts with joint/seam or joint-freearobatec manufactures and develops the needed standard or special haul-off belts.
For existing standard applications there are variations of haul-off belts for packaging machines available (for example, Rovema, Bosch, Sandiacre, TNA, Hayssen, etc.), partly ex stock.
For custom developments, you can rely on the longstanding expertise of our technicians and engineers. Be used - if necessary - specific bases with special coatings to ensure the use of an optimum function in your application.


Technical Data


A abstract of our standard delivery program as followed. Customized variants possible on request.


Belt graduation    T5 (5,0mm)
T10 (10,0mm)
Typ L (3,8")
Typ H (1/2")

Belt material   Elastomer

Coating   PU/PUR
Natural rubber
    (incl. Linatex, LCN)
Coating thickness   12mm max.

Reinforced belt body   As option
(steel, glas-fibre, etc.)

Milled cutouts   Acc. customers requirements

Punched holes   Acc. customers requirements



Technical data subject to change